wellbeing for all beings

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Mission: To help people recognize, value, and champion the well-being and interconnection of all beings and the planet.

Vision: We will work with communities and individuals to embrace and/or (re)discover their heartfelt connection to animals and the planet.  Gathering their stories, we will  convey an alternative vision and instill hope for a better future for people, animals, and the Earth. 

We will build on lessons learned from these communities and academic resources to develop a holistic system of valuation that includes conservation and animal welfare, giving decision makers the ability to create evidence-based policies that better support well-being – for themselves, their communities, their environment. Ultimately, this model of decision making should lead to higher levels of well-being across demographics, as well as reductions in destructive practices like deforestation, pollution, exploitation, and abuse. A systematic restructuring of the way societies measure progress and valuations will increase human health, animal welfare, environmental conservation, and general well-being. We will help drive the conversation and build support for this societal transformation.